Censydiam is a modular suite of tools designed to help clients develop growth strategies for their brands.

Two underlying principles that make Censydiam unique:

  • Censydiam tools have a unifying people centred vision. We believe that in order to be successful a brand must connect with deeper human motivations. Brands are only relevant if they succeed in optimizing people's life. By using a validated framework of human motivations, we can ensure that consumer needs are front and centre of all future decision making.

  • In all tools we link research findings to Business Outcomes. Indeed it is not enough to understand deeper motivations for category consumption. The challenge is to tap very precisely into these human motivations which provide true competitive advantage (increase share and/or create new demand). In order to achieve this we use measures and analytics which are aligned with how consumers make decisions in the real world. Thanks to this, our tools help clients to focus on the most profitable growth strategies.

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Introduction to Censydiam

Introduction to Censydiam